About Us

After years of doing a lot of "dreaming" about my thoughts and ideas, I bought my domain in 2012 and decided to make those "dreams" a reality. As a little bit of a hippie herself, my Mom always told me I was born in the wrong era. I have always been enamored with anything "hippie-ish", I'm using that word :) I have always seemed to find a way to collect all great things vintage from family members including macrame pieces, old pictures and tons of jewelry. As a young girl, I would go through my Grandma's jewelry and upcycle or "hipcycle" as I would call it, into something I would love to wear. You can still catch me doing this from time to time. I have always been a lover of neutrals, southwest designs, ethnic designs and patterns, earthy textures, desert landscape, jewelry, clothing, and anything to do with home decor! So here's to gathering all things this Freebird loves "the COLLECTION" and sharing them with the FREEBIRD in you! 


I would like to thank my amazing hubby and my beautiful daughter who I share this business with. WIthout them I would still be day dreaming away. I would also like to thank my awesome, computer genius, brother for helping me with so many things to make this website happen. And a huge thank you to all of my family and friends (you special people know who you are) for all of the love, support, and input you have given me to make this dream a reality!

WIth much love and gratitude,

Sara XO         




                                             PEACE, LOVE, and always HAPPINESS! Welcome FREEBIRDS!!!


Being a FREEBIRD has so many meanings and one can interpret however they wish, but this is what we wish to promote here:

                        LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE AND IT WILL SET YOU FREE!     -freebird collection



*My awesome logo designed and hand painted by the amazingly talented The Painted Arrow